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Third Offense

DUI Third Offense Lawyer in Greenville SC

Greenville SC attorneys are standing by to take your case, and the sooner you get in touch with one of them, the better off you are going to be. In this instance, you are facing your third DUI offense, and the prosecutor is going to want to throw the book at you. Don’t let that consume your thoughts, however, as a defense attorney is coming to the rescue.

That doesn’t mean the road ahead is going to be easy. But you’re going to make some changes, and you’re going to fight your way through this. Your attorney is going to help you find a way out. Before you start diving into the idea that everything is going to be okay, however, let’s talk about some specifics.

This is your third charge, and you don’t want to get your 4th. If you were to end up doing that, do you realize you could have to use one of those ignition interlock devices for the rest of your life? That’s like some type of life sentence, don’t you think? And the jail time for a 4th offense can really put a hurt on you. You could be facing 7 years.

That is the maximum sentence, but you don’t want to sit in a jail cell for years wishing you hadn’t been drinking and driving again. That said, the fact that you are charged with your third DUI means you’re facing serious jail time, too. While you don’t want to be scared, you want to get serious.

You’re going to be facing the music, but your attorney can help change the tune. It’s not just about the jail time. It’s about whether or not your license is going to be suspended, and it’s about the fines you’re going to have to pay. Are you going to have to attend meetings? Do you have to do community service? And what about that interlocking device?

There are a lot of unknowns in relation to your case, for now, but your attorney is going to help clear things up for you. It will take time, but soon you will have everything straightened out. Your job now is to get in touch with at least a couple of attorneys in your area to ask questions. Decide whom you want to hire, and then you can start going over the details of your case more closely.

Get Valuable Legal Representation

Remember that you can count on confidentiality when it comes to your lawyer, so you want to be sure you explain everything. Whatever happened, your attorney needs to know. That way he or she can provide the defense that you need in the courtroom. Maybe a plea bargain will even be struck, but you don’t want to do that by yourself talking to the prosecutor.

In this case, you certainly need a lawyer working with you. Prosecutors like to throw the book at repeat offenders. You don’t plan on getting another DUI, but right now, you need to deal with the one on your plate. And you’re going to have help when you hire a DUI defense attorney in Greenville SC.