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Non-Compete Agreements

Fighting Non-Competition Agreements In South Carolina

Did you sign a non-competition agreement when you were hired by your employer? If the agreement that you signed is limiting your job prospects, you should know that you have options. In many cases, non-competition agreements are not legally binding. Our legal team can provide you with advice and help you to fight the agreement that you signed.

We Can Evaluate Your Situation

If you schedule a consultation at our offices, we’ll be able to look over the agreement that you signed. We’ll be able to discuss the specifics of the agreement with you and advise you on how to proceed.

Every situation is different, which is why it’s crucial to talk to an attorney before you take action. If you speak with a lawyer, you’ll be able to get feedback that is specific to your case. We offer free consultations to individuals that are thinking about working with our law firm.

We Have Plenty Of Experience With Non-Competition Agreements

We’ve helped many individuals in South Carolina navigate the challenges associated with non-compete agreements, and we’ll be able to help you to do the same thing. Because our experience is so extensive, we’ll be able to provide you with valuable input.

While you may not have experience with this sort of thing, we have a great deal of knowledge and expertise that we can draw upon. You can benefit from that expertise if you work with us. Let us help you navigate this situation.

We’ll Work To Resolve This For You Quickly

If you’re interested in applying for a new job, or if your employer has tried to enforce a non-compete agreement that you’ve signed, you’ll want to resolve this situation sooner rather than later. We’ll take action right after you hire us and will work to take care of things as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold because of a non-compete agreement. We’ll make sure you’re able to move forward in life. Whether you want to secure a new job or are worried about potential consequences from a previous employer, we’ll provide you with immediate assistance when you call us.

We’ll Help You To Avoid Future Problems

If you’re fielding a new job offer, and your employer has asked you to sign a non-compete agreement, you might be worried about what the agreement says. We’ll be able to look over the agreement for you and let you know what we think. You can get expert advice from a professional, which can help you to avoid serious problems down the road.

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether an agreement will cause serious issues for you. We’ll help you to avoid potential problems. We can read over a job contract and point out issues right away.

Call The Law Office of James Stone Craven if you have concerns about a non-competition agreement in South Carolina that you signed. We’ll be able to provide you with legal advice. If you’d like to get out of this agreement, we’re here to assist you.