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Criminal Defense Law

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Hiring The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer In Greenville, SC

If you have recently been charged for a specific crime, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, it becomes important to find the right criminal defense lawyer to assist you throughout the process.

Regardless of whether you think your situation is either serious or not, there may be far more going on than you may think, and you may find that you look back on your case a few years into the future wishing you had taken different steps. Criminal law is complex, and you should always take these processes very seriously by hiring an experienced and well-versed criminal defense lawyer in Greenville, SC.

The criminal defense attorney’s at The Law Office of James Stone Craven, LLC is well aware that many criminal proceedings are lengthy and complex, particularly if your case progresses to a jury trial. The criminal trials require time, and juries are usually unpredictable, which means your outcome is never guaranteed.

If you have been charged for a criminal act, it is essential that you have a criminal defense lawyer on your side, to not only assist you in preparing your case for trial but to also sway the jury in your favor. The criminal defense lawyers can assist you in preparing for each aspect involved in criminal processes, and this involves preparing for the cross-examination questions, along with the way these questions need to be answered.

The lawyers at James Stone Craven, LLC, are experts in handling criminal cases that involve felony charges or misdemeanors, whether in the federal or state courts of South Carolina. Here are some of the charges and misdemeanors that these lawyers can assist you with:

Domestic Violence

Assault Charges

Alcohol and DUI Offenses

Aggravated Assault Charges

• Federal Offenses


White-Collar and Fraud Charges


Burglary and Theft Charges

Juvenile Offenses

• Grand Jury Investigations

• College Students Accused Of A Crime

Jurors are very observant from the time that they step into a courtroom, and when you are the defendant, you need to know the importance of how each juror perceives you.

Appearing In Court In Greenville, SC

When jury members observe a defendant while in court, they listen to the testimony of the defendant, but they also observe body language after and during the testimony of the defendant. This also means that the jurors will be observing your gestures and facial expressions.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind for your trial:

• It is very important to make sure your verbal statements and actions are displayed in a controlled and calm manner.

• You should also avoid visible reactions or gestures to the testimonies of other witnesses. For example, do not show that you are upset by what a witness is saying when it is objectionable or untrue.

• Try and remain as straight-faced as possible, and avoid laughing or smiling. It is important to show as little emotion as possible.

Building A Criminal Defense

Once the jury has been selected, a criminal trial in South Carolina will begin with the opening statements presented by each lawyer, which will describe evidence that is presented in this case, along with theoretical positions associated with each of their cases. The Prosecution will be the first to present their opening statement, as the State will have what is known as the “burden of proof”.

The prosecution or the State of South Carolina, will usually then call on witnesses, where they will be questioned about the specifics of this criminal incident. From here your lawyer (the defense attorney), will cross-examine each of the witnesses. Once the State of South Carolina or the prosecution has concluded their case-in-chief, your Criminal Defense Lawyer, in Greenville, SC will then typically call on other witnesses. In most cases, you as the defendant will also be called on to testify.

Your testimony as a “defendant” at your trial is vital, as it is associated with raising a legal defense to any criminal accusations, which can include:

• An alibi

• Entrapment

• Duress

• Criminal intent which is lacking

• Mistakes of facts

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Greenville, SC

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Greenville, SC

Once you have provided your testimony, a prosecutor will in most cases cross-examine you and your witnesses. Criminal trials in Greenville, SC conclude once the judge at that trial tells the jury on which of the criminal laws is applicable when it comes to deciding on this case. This is followed by the closing arguments presented by each attorney. From here the jurors will then discuss and decide on what the outcome of this case will be, which will either be an acquittal or a guilty charge.

Professional Advice Associated With Your Specific Case

When you hire a criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC, they will work with you to assist you with your specific case. If you are concerned about how this case may have an impact on your abilities to renew your driver’s license, job applications, or even applying for housing, your criminal defense lawyer can help you with answers pertaining to your specific situation. Your lawyer can also give you the best advice on how to respond to your charges to ensure the best outcome pertaining to your case. It is important that you follow the advice of your lawyer as they have extensive experience in this field.

While your criminal charge may not seem that important to begin with, you will soon discover that the counsel and advice that you will receive throughout the case is irreplaceable, as you are guided on every step of the process.

Confidence In Your Case

The most vital aspect you can attain from a Greenville criminal defense lawyer at James Stone Craven, LLC, is that they will have confidence in your case. They will provide you with honest answers about your particular situation, and assist you in planning accordingly when it comes to your future. This is due to their experience and their general understanding when it comes to how they think your case will progress. Hiring the right lawyer will ensure that you are represented fairly if your case reaches trial.