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Tax Evasion

Tax Evasion Lawyer In Greenville, SC

Tax evasion can lead to major fines or even jail time. If you’ve evaded your taxes, and you’re facing potential legal consequences, you’ll want to speak with a tax evasion lawyer in Greenville, SC as soon as possible. If you work with one of our attorneys, we’ll be able to give you legal advice and work to reduce the consequences that you’re facing.

We’ve Helped Many People In Greenville Who Have Evaded Taxes

You’re not the only person in this situation. We’ve helped many people that are in your shoes. We know how to handle these cases and can do a great deal to assist you.

Because we have so much experience, we’ll know how to best proceed with your case. You’ll be in good hands if you work with a lawyer that has extensive knowledge of tax law. Working with our legal team will put you in a much better position.

We Can Assist You Throughout The Audit Process

If you’re being audited by the IRS, you should know that we’re here to help. We’ll be able to provide you with advice throughout this process. We’ll be able to take control of the situations and answer any questions that you might have.

Being audited can be nerve-wreaking, which is why it can be so helpful to work with lawyers that have been through this before. We can provide you with plenty of assistance so that you can get through your audit.

We May Be Able To Work Out A Payment Plan

If you’ve evaded taxes, it’s likely that you owe back taxes to the IRS. In some situations, we may be able to work out a payment plan on your behalf so that you can start to pay back the money that you owe. Having a payment plan in place can help you to sidestep other potential consequences.

If you’ve been evading taxes for a while, it’s possible that you owe quite a bit of money. A payment plan will make it easier for you to pay back the money that you owe. We’ll look over your case and see if a payment plan is an option.

We Can Help You Before You’re Audited

If you’ve evaded your taxes in the past, but you haven’t been audited yet, you should contact us now. We may be able to help you to resolve this situation before you face more serious consequences.

Many people that evade taxes don’t face consequences right away. You shouldn’t assume that you’ve gotten away with tax evasion simply because you haven’t heard from the IRS. If you talk to our lawyers now, we’ll be able to assist you before you’re in legal trouble.

Tax evasion can have severe consequences, which is why it’s important to work with a lawyer that has experience in this area. If you contact The Law Office of James Stone Craven, we’ll be able to meet with you and start working on your behalf. Don’t wait to talk to an attorney; the sooner you act, the better.