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An Experienced DUI Lawyer In Greenville, SC

DUI (Driving under the influence) is a serious legal issue. If you are caught up in a DUI offense, you need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer in Greenville, SC. Here at The Law Office Of James Stone Craven, LLC, we are ready to help you with your DUI charge.

The Cost Of A DUI In South Carolina

Typical DUI costs in Greenville, SC are expensive. From the initial arrest to the legal process up until the suspension on your driver’s license is lifted, you can end up spending at least $10,000. Don’t forget to account for any lost future income and damage to your reputation because of having a DUI charge on record.

DUI Lawyer in Greenville, SC

DUI Lawyer in Greenville, SC

If you have been arrested on DUI charges, it’s helpful to fight the charges early enough. That’s why you need to hire us for the process. We are here to help. Depending on your blood alcohol content at the time of your arrest, your fine will vary as follows.

1st offense – You should expect to pay $400 to $1000.

2nd offense – You should expect to pay $2000 to $6500

3rd offense – You should expect to pay $3800 to $10000.

For the 4th, 5th and any subsequent offenses, you should expect time in prison and away from your family. Also, you will not be able to make a living.

What Might Affect The Fine To Pay For A DUI Charge?

In Greenville, SC the actual fines of a DUI conviction will vary depending on the following.

• The total number of DUI convictions on your record for the past 10 years.

• Your blood alcohol content level

• If any or all your vehicles have had an ignition interlock device installed

• If any or all of your vehicles have SR-22 insurance. It’s an expensive insurance coverage for anyone convicted with a SUI.

• If you are a commercial vehicle driver

• If you are a student

• Your future education, career and financial goals.

Emma’s Law And The Effect On DUI Convictions

Emma’s Law was passed in 2014 in South Carolina. Due to this, even 1st time offenders must have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles after a DUI conviction. You must blow into the device before you start the ignition during the entire suspension of your driving license. The ignition interlock device also takes a photo of you when you get into the vehicle.

The IID device takes about $1000 to install and about $130 each month for other expenses such as monitoring. For a 1st time offender, the costs can add up to $1500 while repeat offenders should expect thousands of dollars on the same.

Additional DUI Consequences

Besides fines, you should expect the following additional consequences on due to your DUI charge,

• Your driver’s license will be revoked or suspended depending on your BAC level and the total convictions on your record in the past 10 years.

• Suspension or revocation of your commercial driver’s license.

• Immobilization of your vehicle for a few months especially for 2nd offenders.

• Jail time

• A permanent criminal record that will never be expunged.

• A tarnished reputation.

• Possible loss of job especially if you are a commercial vehicle driver

• Military personnel should expect dishonorable discharge or other disciplinary action.

• Reduced prospects for jobs, education or personal loans.

• Students should expect expulsion from school, loss of scholarship or suspension.

When Should You Hire Us?

Feel free to contact the law office of James Stone Craven LLC for any DUI charges in Greenville, SC. You might choose to handle the case on your own. However, with our expertise by your side, you can count on an optimal outcome. Well, here are some of the best times to hire us when you have been arrested for DUI.

1. To Get A Well Informed Legal Opinion

If you have reviewed the information in your case and identified the strengths and weaknesses, you can call us for any consultation. We are ready to provide a well informed legal opinion on your case. We will be objective about the case and might provide a new perspective on everything.

2. If You Are Pleading Guilty

If you have been arrested for a DUI charge and have limited defenses, your only option would be pleading guilty. If there is enough evidence against you in the case, you need to hire us to represent you before you plead guilty to the case. Note that, some factors might increase your chances of getting a conviction.

• If you have a high blood alcohol content, you are likely to be convicted if you go to trial.

• If there is any proof of drunkenness such as if the police officer testifies that your driving was a proof of drunkenness. Also, the officer might perform a field or chemical sobriety test on the field to support this.

3. Negotiating A Plea Bargain

Even if you plead guilty, you will benefit from hiring a DUI lawyer. A plea bargain is possible if the blood alcohol content is a little over the legal limit. The prosecutor will only charge a lesser offense in such a case. A plea bargain is also possible if the prosecution doesn’t feel that the DUI case is strong enough and no trial is necessary.

By hiring us, we can handle the plea bargain process as experts allowing you to get a lesser charge than what you would have originally received if you chose to represent yourself in court.

4. Preparing A Defense

A DUI case might not have a clear defense as most people believe. In some cases, the field tests might be compromised if the person has an inner ear problem resulting in poor balance. On the other hand, chemical tests can lead to positive results if the machine was faulty or if the officer doesn’t know how to use the machine.

Well, by hiring us for your DUI case, we can prepare a strong defense to lessen the charge or get it thrown out of court altogether. Call us today and let us represent you for your DUI case.