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First Offense

Do You Need A DUI First Offense Lawyer In Greenville, SC?

A first-offense DUI is typically regarded as a misdemeanor, and most courts will hand down standard sentences. If for example you were driving your car while you were intoxicated, and there is evidence to back this up such as an elevated BAC (blood alcohol content), you failed the field sobriety test, or a witness states that your driving was erratic, some people make the decision to admit guilt. In this situation, hiring a lawyer might not be in your best interests.

However, when there are facts about the case, that could increase the penalties, which include an accident, a very high BAC. Or aspects that may decrease the penalties, which can include procedural issues when you were arrested, then it is a good idea to hire a DUI first-offense lawyer in Greenville, SC. If you are unsure, a lawyer can assist you with understanding the facts and help you with how to progress, which will include representing you should your case go to trial.

When it comes to any DUI case, it important to get the legal advice that you need and when necessary to hire an experienced DUI lawyer at James Stone Craven, LLC. Here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider consulting with a lawyer for your first DUI offense.

The consequences associated with a DUI conviction, which includes a first-time DUI, are usually severe and often life-changing. This will appear on your driver record for a long time (in some cases forever), which will include if you received court supervision. Court supervision will mean that the court will dismiss your case if you are able to comply with terms set out in this supervision order. These orders include no violations of any laws associated with any jurisdiction that includes petty traffic laws such as speeding or crossing momentarily over a lane or fog line. If you are unable to comply with this order, your supervision may be revoked, which means you might be re-sentenced and the punishment will be a lot harsher.

Only attorneys that are experienced in DUI’s will know about the personalities of the judges and the prosecutors in the area where your case will be pending. For this reason, they will also know about your prospects whether your defense will be successful.

In addition, only a qualified lawyer will be able to defend the case in court. You probably not aware of the laws surrounding DUIs, and how they are applied when in court. Yet you will be treated in the same way as a proficiently trained lawyer. You are not required to prove your innocence. Instead, the State has to prove that you are guilty, and every detail of your arrest will be challenged by the jury. The experienced DUI First Offense Lawyers in Greenville, SC, are involved in these cases on a regular basis. Your lawyer can explain the different options available to you, and to assist you with the preparations for the day you need to appear in court.