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Living Wills

Why You Should Hire A Living Wills Lawyer In Greenville, SC

Typically, a will expresses what you would like to be done after you pass away. However, it’s possible to create a will that will advocate for your wants while you are still alive. If you’re unconscious and can’t express your wishes, a living will can speak for you.

When You Have A Living Will, You’ll Have More Control Over Your Medical Treatment

A living will allows you to turn down medical treatment that you don’t want. If you’re unconscious, other people may be able to make important medical decisions on your behalf. When you have a living will drawn up for you, you can trust that your interests will be represented.

You should take steps to ensure that you have full control over your body. If you want a do not resuscitate order, or if you’d like to avoid being kept on life support, it’s important for you to make your desires clear. You’ll be able to do all of that with a living will.

An Attorney Will Be Able To Draw Up A Legally Valid Will For You

If you try to create a living will on your own, you may not be able to create a document that is legally binding. However, an experienced attorney will be able to create a will for you that can stand up in court.

You’ll want to make sure that your will is honored. When you have a lawyer create a document like this for you, you’ll know that your requests will be respected.

Having A Living Will Can Make Things Easier For Your Family

If your family has to make important medical decisions on your behalf, they may feel overwhelmed. This could lead to serious arguments between your family members and cause a great deal of strife. You can save your family from this heartache if you create a living will now.

When you have a living will, there won’t be anything for your family members to argue about. Your needs will be clearly expressed. You’ll be doing your family a tremendous favor if you take the time to create a will.

A Lawyer Can Ensure That Your Will Covers Everything That It Needs To

If you try to draw up a will on your own, you may not know what you should be specified in the will. An attorney will know what your will should include and will be able to walk you through each step of the process.

When you work with an attorney, your interests will be expressed more clearly than they would be if you tried to handle all of this on your own. When you work with a lawyer, you’ll be able to focus on creating a will that expresses everything that it needs to.

You can hire an experienced living wills lawyer at The Law Office of James Stone Craven. There are so many benefits to having a living will, which is why you’ll want to have one drawn up sooner rather than later. It’s never too soon to create a living will.